Current Outreach Projects

The Storm Drain Mural Committee

Storm drain stenciling and mural painting help raise awareness about Lexington's watersheds and the impact littering has on those watersheds. Lexington sits on top of nine different watersheds, and litter and chemicals in our streets get washed into storm drains, contaminating these important water sources. This committee is partnering with the Lexington Youth Arts Council to come up with designs and paint two storm drain murals on each public high school's campus, with the goal of educating Lexington youth about watersheds, storm drains and littering. To further educate students, each storm drain will have a QR code that can be scanned by smart phones to link to an informative web page detailing the purpose of the murals and the issues surrounding storm drain dumping in Lexington.


Mural 2

The Networking Committee

Green Team LogoThe Networking Committee works with local businesses and organizations, providing a link to the non-high school world. This  committee also plans to connect the Green Teams of our member high schools to the BYSC in order to create a closer relationship and work together on common goals. By doing this, we also hope to  encourage the less active Green Teams.  In addition to these tasks, the Networking Committee also helps organize service events and get the Council involved in other local environmental activities in our community.


The Energy Audit Committee


The Energy Audit Committee, chaired by Eric Xiong and Jimmy Chen,

BYSC Audit3

was inspired by similar energy audits conducted in schools in Lexington. The energy audits were then projected onto IAKSS and LFUCG (Phoenix Building), and potentially more locations as the year progresses. In the monthly energy patrols, the six members of the committee try to promote awareness to reduce the carbon footprint of these buildings by giving feedback on occupant behavior. As they survey the office suites and conference rooms, they collect data based on observations and after analyzing this data, provide feedback

BYSC Audit2through “Thank You” or “Oops” post-it notes. Behaviors they keep an eye out for include unoccupied rooms with lights on, unused appliances left on, windows open during heating/air conditioning days and recycling usage.

To see a video of students conducting an energy audit at the LFUCG Phoenix Building, click HERE.

The Nature Conservancy Committee

Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy of Kentucky is looking to increase youth engagement in conservation, and The Bluegrass Youth Sustainability Council provides a natural partner. The Nature ConservancyBy combining the conservation expertise and infrastructure of The Nature Conservancy with the enthusiasm and social capital of the BYSC, we hope to advance our mutual goal of conservation. During the first half of this year, we began with a youth volunteer day and also planned how best to engage youth. Next semester, we're excited to organize a series of volunteer days in a targeted attempt to attract student volunteers from each high school represented on the BYSC.



The Race Committee

The Race Committee has a goal of putting on a race this upcoming spring season. The race will promote sustainability and encourage everyone to implement more environmental initiatives into their daily routine. Currently this committee is partnering with UK's environmental team as well as Johns Run Walk Shop and Lexington- Fayette Urban County Council. The location of the race is not yet determined, and the race theme (littering, water efficiency, etc) is still flexible. If you would like to contact our committee about a possible race partnership please contact Lisa Cole at


The Dual Stream Committee

Dual Stream

This committee’s goal is to install dual-stream recycling bins in all Lexington high school stadiums. This will provide students with more chances to recycle, and spread awareness of the importance of recycling. The availability of side-by-side trash and recycling receptacles forces stadium patrons to consider whether or not what they are about to throw away is recyclable. Additionally, the availability of these receptacles will reduce litter in stadiums.


Idea Festival Lexington: Creative Disruption Project


In February, Idea Festival: Creative Disruption morphed from 2011's TEDxLex, marrying the rapid-fire, thought-provoking talks of TED with the programming of Idea Festival (IF).  The Bluegrass Youth Sustainability Council partnered with Idea Festival: Creative Disruption to facilitate the first ever youth event.  For the February event, BYSC members served as lead event planners, film crew, speakers, greeters and photographers.  Audience members included students from Fayette and surrounding counties.  BYSC members (LEFT), chaired by Student Facilitator Roshnee Raithatha, presented on sustainable topics and projects to raise awareness and solicit future partnerships.  "This event shows a need and a desire by kids in high school today to experience this type of event, and to share what they're doing," explained Antony Miers, director of education services for KY Science and Technology Center and partner for the event.  "If you give them enough room and challenge them enough, they're really going to do just about anything."

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